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My new designs should bring Jesus Christ into everyday life. (Jesus characters)

I work as a graphic designer in the advertising agency KreativWerk, and am also on the weekends as a DJ. (DJ Baby D.)

When hanging up, I have to pay attention to the guests and their reactions. Of course, I also notice their clothes. And are we honestly …. when we go out of the house, but every thought he can put on what – what also good for others arrives. When I worked as a support DJ one evening and had a rest until the next set, I came up with the idea to create a stylish “club suitable” cool T-shirt design. Shortly thereafter, also my very first design with the inscription “I PRAISE HIM”, arranged as a cross.

In 2011 I create the first design, then several years passed and I never really had the time to follow up. After praying several times that God should show me what I can do to tell or be aware of my belief, the idea grew more and more in me to design Christian messages that are not only worn by Christians become. It is also important to me that these are modern or provocative and make you think. By the way …. Jesus also loved to provoke and caused quite a stir. It is important to me to share my thoughts and beliefs with the world in a stylish way. Nowadays, the outfit is simply in the foreground.

In order to successfully market the T-shirts, I needed a name and a matching logo. After a short talk with my wife she prayed for a name and from my initial idea Jesus Design finally became the brand name “Jesuszeichen”.

JSIGN (sign of Jesus) means design and of course the Jhat has a very special meaning which is why I put it off easily. The Jstands for JESUSand SIGNis the English word for signs and I first hovered at the logo design the cross before, but I was all too pious and boring. When I got the idea while praying to take the crown of thorns as a symbol it was just perfect. The logo should also appeal to people who have nothing to do with the faith and still get such a shirt, simply because you find it cool. As you can see, in this case I am not allowed to earn so many laurels. Thanks to God, the good ideas have come from him and I make something out of it. So should go on. Since JSIGN already by few users on Facebook, Twitter and co. was used, I made a short decision and the German translation as Username / pagename taken. Therefore Jesus sign and the question why.

Christian slogan - Hope will never be silent
Christian slogan - Jesus is Lord
Christian shirts design - The one and only Jesus
Jesus Sign - Grace hase a face
Christian slogan - Trust in god
Christian Jesus Sign - I´m Fearless

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JSIGN Clothing Design offers you a modern Christian alternative to regular t-shirts.

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