Responsibility of JSIGN

At JSIGN, we sincerely accept our responsibility.

JSIGN Apparel - You are the sign

At JSIGN, we actively fulfill our responsibility as a Christian company. It is important to us to pay attention to our actions and effects, both internationally and locally.

Christian T-Shirt & Gift Production

The offered Christian gifts and Jesus shirts are produced and sent by Spreadshirt. JSIGN merely creates the designs and applies the designs to the products offered by Spreadshirt.

Spreadshirt cares about the sustainability of its products. This means, among other things, that they are constantly switching more and more to eco-friendly T-shirts and that the resulting waste is largely recycled. One of Spreadshirt’s most important steps was the introduction of her own shirt collection. This allows Spreadshirt to have even more influence on the origin and production of the shirts they print on.

In addition to the price, ecological and social aspects play an important role in the selection of product partners. “No-name shirts” are certainly a lot cheaper, but there is a very high risk that such T-shirts are made in inhuman conditions (such as unfair wages or child labor). From many e-mails we know that Fairtrade and environmental protection are just as important to you as to us.

We know that with this step, we can not satisfy all and also can not compete with the cheap products of other manufacturers. But with Spreadshirt, as a Christian fashion brand we want to deliberately set a sign for our neighbor and for the preservation of the creation of God!

Christian Shirt Production
Christian slogan - Hope will never be silent
Christian slogan - Jesus is Lord
Christian shirts design - The one and only Jesus
Jesus Sign - Grace hase a face
Christian slogan - Trust in god
Christian Jesus Sign - I´m Fearless

What happens with the revenue?

The income from the proceeds of JSIGN flow partly into the maintenance, development and SEO (search engine optimization) of the website, as well as in the design of new products and designs. Part of the revenues goes into advertising (flyers, posters, social media and Google ads). With another part of the income we support social and Christian projects. Our goal is to bring the message of Jesus Christ among the people.