Explore Our Valued Jesus Partner & Collaborators

Discover a world of collaboration and inspiration with us and our partners. Each partner brings a unique contribution to our community, offering a diverse range of services and products. From Christian literature to innovative marketing solutions, these partners embody our shared values of faith, creativity, and excellence. Join us in exploring these exceptional websites, each a testament to the power of collaboration and shared vision.

  • www.herzenspraesente.de | A haven for Christian literature, decorations, and thoughtful gifts, enriching your spiritual journey.
  • www.solarnafolija.com | Specializing in high-quality UV and sun protection films, enhancing your environment responsibly.
  • www.krka-kreativ.com | A creative hub for all your marketing needs, from web design to SEO services.
  • www.schotterwerk-schmitt.de | Offering quality gravel and construction materials from Hans Schmitt GmbH’s own plant.
  • www.umzug-mazreku.de | Mazreku, your dependable moving company for a stress-free relocation experience.
  • www.christliche-kindergeschichten.de | Immerse in the world of Christian children’s stories, including the beloved Emmi series.
  • www.kreativwerk-sw.de | KreativWerk, your go-to agency for innovative advertising solutions in Schweinfurt.
  • www.netzwerk-sw.de | NETZWERK GmbH, offering top-tier IT services from their Schweinfurt headquarters.
  • www.eurasier-fan-shop.de | A paradise for Eurasier dog enthusiasts, featuring a variety of accessories and merchandise.
  • www.schloss-schmiede.de | Experience the allure of a historic monument, now a hub for dog breeding enthusiasts.
  • www.projekt2222.com | Discover Projekt 22:22, a faith-driven mission in Croatia led by Alisa and Danijel Cvetko.
  • www.giraffenlandloehne.de | The ultimate playground for kids, offering both indoor and outdoor fun, plus birthday party services.
  • COCO Hundesalon in Šibenik | COCO dog salon in Šibenik Pamper your faithful companion with loving care and professional attention at COCO dog salon in Šibenik, Croatia.
  • Bunteba – Children Learn Table | Bunteba – Learning and creating through play: Discover the innovative toy chair with 100 colorful blocks that promotes your child’s creative skills and enables them to learn in a playful way.
  • Moments of enjoyment with Pmapered Chef | Visit the website of Andrea Wolf, a Pampered Chef consultant from near Schweinfurt, and discover delicious recipes and high-quality kitchen products.


Our Jesus valued Partners are more than just collaborators; they are an extension of our mission to spread faith, hope, and love through various mediums and services. Each partner, with their unique offerings, contributes to a larger tapestry of Christian values and community engagement. From enriching your spiritual life with Christian literature to enhancing your living spaces with eco-friendly solutions, our partners are dedicated to serving you with integrity and excellence.

Join us in celebrating these partnerships that extend beyond mere business transactions. They represent a shared commitment to making a positive impact in the world, guided by our faith and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Together, we strive to create a community that uplifts, supports, and inspires. Explore these websites and connect with our Jesus Partners today, and be part of a movement that transcends boundaries and unites us in faith and purpose the link page.